Mapping out your Dry-Eye 


The OCULUS Keratograph® 5M combines corneal topography and dry-eye analysis in one.

This machine features a high-definition color camera that can take both images and video. 

The Keratograph® 5M not only detects and diagnoses dry-eye, but it breaks down the diagnosis to what exact type of dry eye it is.


One benefit of the Keratograph® 5M is that it is a very user-friendly device. 

The corneal topography portion of the test is non-contact, and the majority of the dry eye tests are as well.

The device provides us with a simple-to-understand color map and a report  that patients can look at and take home with them. This allows us to enroll patients in their own care and provide them with an exact treatment plan for their particular ocular needs.

JENVIS Report 

Drawing up a comprehensive Dry Eye Report entails filling out a questionnaire, taking measurements using the Keratograph® 5M and other nationally and internationally approved screening methods can be added.

This creates the baseline for your personalized Dry-Eye management program. After a treatment program is completed, the Jenvis report will be revised to document the changes.

Dry-Eye Questionnaire

Commonly used questionnaires are incorporated into the Dry Eye Report on the Keratograph® 5M.

  • OSDI (Ocular Surface Disease Index)
  • Dry-Eye Speed test


By using the Keratograph® 5M we are able to perform a comprehensive Dry Eye analysis. Using R-Scan we can analyse the  level of redness, measurement of tear meniscus height, tear film break-up time and meibography can be performed with ease using the Keratograph® 5M. The result is a comprehensive Dry Eye Report.